About Us

The Rustic Barn grew out of a need to create, as well as a desire to merge functionality with a bold and charming style. Furniture building and woodworking has long been a hobby of ours, and grew into a business concept as our designs gained a following. We offer welcoming, memorable pieces that you will be proud to highlight in your home. Our rustic style is reminiscent of country cottages, open acres, and eternally endearing big red barns. The good news is, you can have your own mix of country and modern designed to complement your unique style. Since every item is customized to your ideal specifications, you can add a splash of color or a favorite finish to make it truly yours. Our collection is built not just to last, but to enjoy. We hope that our pieces remain part of your home, and your family’s memories, for generations. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope you enjoy your furniture as much as we have enjoyed crafting it. We deeply appreciate our customers, because you are the ones who support our values, our visions, and our growth.